Thursday, 19 April 2012

I Tore You Up and Threw You Away

Write it down,
Pray about it,
Give it to Him,
Rip it up
Bin it
Receive His peace
So I did
I wrote you down
All five of your pestering members
I formed your being on the paper with my pen
I wrote you into existence
Removed you from the refuge you had taken in my heart and mind
Deposited you on the paper in front of me
Careful to hide you from inquisitive eyes
Careful to protect those I love from your longing glances
You continue to call to me like the woman in Proverbs
Tempting me with talk of spiced sheets and intoxicating loveBut through squinted eyes
Squinted to block out the glare of your appeal
I put you down on that paper
I tore you up
Bit by bit
Tiny as I could afford to go
Still you tried to cry out
To escape your impending doom
Your dark grave beckoned
I prayed as I ripped
I threw you away
I am released
I receive His peace

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