Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Good Day for Blogging

Today is a good day for blogging… my fingertips are itching for an opportunity to pour out words to the beat of the heart that pumps the blood that allows them to do so.

No theme or topic comes to mind … the communication channel is unilateral… my fingers can not tell my heart to tell my brain that they need a subject to quench their thirst for typing… so my brain ignorantly instructs my heart to pump on an endless supply of blood to the fingers who *tap *tap *tap away an endless stream of nothingness.

So why then is it a good day for blogging? Only when the fingers take control can you truly peer into the soul of the writer… unhindered by thoughts or subjects… simply performing a dance on a black keyboard with white letters … somehow manifesting black words onto a white page on a blue screen…

Ahhhh, release… today was a good day for blogging…

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