Sunday, 9 December 2012

Self Pep Talk

It is an amazingly liberating feeling to finally grasp the concept of being free in Christ.
Being free not to sin.

It sounds like such a strange idea; sin equating bondage. 
But how many times have you done something you regret, 
and then sat there thinking about it, 
dwelling on it,
rolling it over and over in your mind, 
imagining how you ought to be punished, 
wondering how you will make up for it. 

You are forgiven, and you know it, but you somehow feel that there must be more to it than that. 

That's when you are most in danger of being gradually drawn into habitual sin; 
a vicious cycle of sin, guilt, and self-inflicted retribution. 
You've messed up, fallen down, but instead of getting up, dusting yourself off and carrying on, 
You convince yourself that you need to somehow make up for what you've done before returning to the cross. 

But that's just it, that's what the cross was, is, and ever will be for!
HE paid the price. No retribution (self inflicted or otherwise) will compare to that payment paid on the cross. 
Stop belittling HIS suffering! 
Nothing you could do could save you. And nothing you can do now can pay the price for your sin.
Nothing but the blood!

Sin has consequences, indeed, some harsher than others, but don't sit around waiting for them. Do not allow the rift in your relationship with God caused by your sin to widen due to lack of an ability to understand that even the sin yet to be committed has been paid for. 

Go to your Father in humble repentance, then go and sin no more. 

Be free!


  1. How am I only seeing this now! I love it, love it love it! This is the same thing that's been in my mind over the last month... <3